I was at an event where the lighting was fluorescent except for one small window that let in the daylight. Natural light and what’s more – there was a view of trees outside. This window was so high up I could only see the leaves and the high thin branches. What a picture. The event I was attending was a room full of strangers who had trouble interacting with one another. There was no buzz of conversation; there was no welcome; there was no atmosphere or ambiance. I couldn’t help noticing if there had been a little more ‘nature’ inside, people would relax a little more and be themselves. Instead many seemed to posture, trying to present their best. It got me thinking.

How do I bring the ‘natural light’ into the weddings? I started to think about weddings and the memorable ones I had officiated.

photo of heroine as officiant at wedding

The weddings that reflect the couple marrying seem much more memorable than the ones where they ‘followed the book.’ I enjoy working with couples that write their own vows, check what I am going to say and want creative touches to their big day.

One wedding I celebrated, the bride was from Quebec and he was from Ontario, so they took earth from each province and ceremoniously poured them together and then as I blessed their new path together, I poured it out again for them to walk down – I should add this was a wedding outside! Earth, air and water. The Otonabee River ran beside us. And of course there was fire. Love is a passionate emotion to be celebrated!

And light! The sun bathed us in it’s glorious light. And light shone from everyone’s eyes.

I can’t guarantee the sun each time, and so I want to be conscious of how to bring the natural into the wedding. Something I think about each time I write a ceremony.